A Three Day Faculty Development Program on “Finete Languages and Automata theory” was conducted by CSE dept from 22 to 24 February 2016. First day of FDP Inauguration of FDP and session was conducted by Dr. V. Vijay Kumar, Dean, Prof. of CSE, CVSR. He covered the topics like fundamentals of finete automate regular expression, grammar and languages with real time examples. Second day of FDP first session was handled by Dr. A. Sirisha, Asst. Prof. CBIT, she discus the topic about turing machine i.e., how to design and what are the computations with examples. Second Session was handled by Dr. V. Venkata Krishna, Prof. & HoD of CSE dept. VJIT., he discussed about types of grammar, conversion of NFA to DFA with examples. Third day of FDP sessions were handled by Dr. K. Srinivas Reddy, Prof. BVRITW, he discussed about pushed on automata and JFLAP tool and valedictory. 642513