International Women’s Day is not nation, region or institution bound. The day belongs to all groups of women all over the world. Hence, the management of VJIT has taken a sharp leap ahead in acknowledging the diligence, determination and dynamism of its women force in various aspects of life. “The first step for empowering women starts at home” are the words of a feminist! The management of VJIT has set an example by housing a fair number of women employees, both teaching and non-teaching ensuring gender balance. Tenacious efforts of our Joint Secretary, VJES, Mrs. Neelima, Principal Dr. Mrs. Padmaja, Academic Coordinator Mrs. Srilatha, and Head, Civil Dept, Dr. Mrs. Archana are the names of a few empowered women instrumental in shaping VJIT, going hand in hand with the cooperation and coordination of our accomplished men staff. To generate enthusiasm among women staff and students, VJIT celebrated women’s day in the campus. Quite a large number participated in “Cycle /Walk for a Cause” on 8 March, 2018, organized by the SHE Team of Moinabad district. The VJIT Pinkathon march around the campus evoked a liberating experience to the VJIT Women. A few competitions like Mehendi designs, Rangoli, Elocution, Hair Styling, Paper Craft, and Women Entrepreneurship were proposed to draw parallels between work and healthy entertainment. Second half of the day gave an intangible feeling of strength with the advent of our Chief Guest, Ms. V. Harshita, Director at Yenrol Lubex Pvt. Ltd., who spoke on her experiences, sojourning as a woman entrepreneur and how she could live up to her ambitions and goals. The young women were advised to kindle the fire of passion to reach their goals unaffected by the hindrances and hurdles that come their way. Guest of Honour, Ms. Alka Gupta, Graphologist, enlightened the audience on the impact of one’s handwriting on behaviour and thinking. She elucidated on how good handwriting can be cultivated. That was really worth ruminating for our young ladies! Impromptu speech by our Director, Dr. Venugopal Reddy impressed the audience for his heartfelt and subtle gesture of appreciation of women and their multiple roles. Principal, Dr. Padmaja proudly recognized the accomplishments of the women staff and extended her incessant support in their future endeavours. Civil HoD Dr. Mrs. Archana, Senior Admn personnel Mrs. Sheeba, and a senior Housekeeping personnel Mrs. Pentamma were felicitated for their contribution in their respective fields. Prize distribution for the competitions added a stimulating experience. The session ended with laudable programmes like dances by the students dazzled in pops of colour, and fun games for the faculty delivering a stellar experience!