Our prestigious VJIT has celebrated Teachers’ Day paying homage to the sculptors of future India, in remembrance of dedicated teacher and former President of our country, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The event was graced by our Director, Principal, and Heads of the department, Administrative Heads, Academic Coordinator and the teaching faculty. This was followed by an inspiring and invigorating speech by our honourable Director Dr. Venugopal Reddy, who first paid tribute to the ‘Great Teacher’ and expressed his gratitude to his teachers, who he considers his role models, and attributes his success to them. He became reminiscent of some of his teachers and his association with them, and their key role in shaping his personality. Addressing the teachers, he stressed on the urge to rededicate themselves to their profession in moulding and mentoring the character of the students. He focussed on the complexity of the role of a teacher, which is more than just academic in nature. A clarion call was made to all the teachers in taking up the moral responsibility of the students in their grooming years. Our beloved Principal, Dr. Padmaja expressed her heartfelt wishes to all the teachers of VJIT and exalted their sincere and constant efforts in manifesting knowledge in students and helping them win laurels. She congratulated on the constant collective and collaborative work of the teachers that will soon escalate the college to be among the Top Five Engineering Colleges in Telangana. The Director proudly announced the Best Teacher Awards of 2017. This year’s Best Teacher Awards are conferred to Dr. V.V. Satyanarayana from the Mechanical Dept and Mr. Srinivasulu from the IT Dept for their relentless efforts and constant endeavour in building the image of our institution. Dr. Satyanarayana is a down-to-earth, sincere, and dedicated professional who has always been striving for departmental development. He is an enterprising person who has been instrumental in the smooth – functioning of the activities and projects in the department. He is a man of integrity and values. He stressed on maintaining quality and perfection in teaching, without which, he stated in anguish, the very existence of the institution is jeopardised. Mr. Srinivasulu is a man of ideas and ideology. He carved a niche in establishing smooth management in his department. He is a good decision-maker and is skilful in handling tough situations with ease. His friendliness and congeniality encourages the students to open up and approach him without any inhibitions. We are all proud of these Valued VJITians!