Information Technology has been rapidly evolving and has been an avenue for new and diverse opportunities to the students. The Department of Information Technology (IT) at VJIT is established in 2000 and is accredited by NBA in 2010. A proactive approach to inculcate innovative and intellectual knowledge made the department a better place for students. Students of IT have been a vibrant team year after year and have been able to create a mark of themselves with remarkable careers across the world.

Core competencies

  • Unstructured Data Management
  • IOT
  • Networking
  • BigData
  • Artificial Intelligence

Prominent Features

  • Accredited by National Board of Accreditation
  • Well qualified and eminent faculty trained on Outcome Based Education
  • Strong industry interface with leading companies like Microsoft , Persistence, Rockwell Collins and Virtusa
  • Faculty trained and certified by International Society for Engineering Education in collaboration with IUCEE and Microsoft
  • Five Computer labs with state of the art infrastructure
  • Department library with Journals and 2500 hours of video lectures

Memorandum of Understanding with Quadrium, IIIT Enhance Edu Hyd, Byndr Learning Management system, IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorials and Ioncudos.

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