At VJIT, training is a regular process and an internal training team is at work in the college. Students are trained in Aptitude, Reasoning, Written & Spoken English and Communication Skills.

a) In House Training: VJIT faculty trains students from I year onwards. A rigorous training is imparted to students from III Year II semester through special hours incorporated in the Academic Plan. An internal training team from JKC also works to prepare students for placements.

We have shortlisted 240 top students of Third year, all branches, and they are undergoing Technical as well as Non-Technical Training. They have been divided in 3 groups, Top performers, Average performers and Low performers.

b) Training by External Agencies: VJIT is also providing its students training from External Agencies by inviting experts from professional organization like Career Conduit.

c) Training through MOUs: We currently have training MOU’s with TASK and Mythree Academy. Many training sessions on subjects like C, C++, DBMS, Softskills etc were conducted through TASK for TASK registered students. Training sessions on Aptitude, Quantitative Reasoning, Problem Solving is now part of regular class curriculum which is conducted by Mythree Academy for 3rd year students.

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