Project Investigator Name of the scheme Academic Year Title Amount sanctioned (in-lakhs) Status (whether Ongoing/Completed)
Dr P Venugopal Reddy DRDO 2017-20 Investigation of nano crystalline Bismuth ferrite for possible shape memory and reconfigured antenna applications Rs 50.65 Ongoing
Dr M Krishna Rao UGC-Minor 2017-2018 Machine Characterization of Telugu Phonemes Rs  4.42 Ongoing
Dr Siddhartha Ghosh DRDO-RCI 2017-18 Mobile hardening Rs 10.00 Ongoing
Dr G Krishna kumari UGC-Minor 2017-18 Mathematical modeling of pumping of nano fluids with different flow geometries Rs 1.95 Ongoing
Dr R Ramakrishna UGC-Minor 2015-17 Forecasting Yeeld per Hectare of Jowar in Telangana State
usingNeural Networks
Rs 3.05 Ongoing
Dr D Raju UGC-Minor 2015-17 Numerical solutions to
Some generalized theroelastic models
Rs 2.70   Ongoing
Dr S Srinivas Rao UGC-Minor 2015-17 Synthesis and Boilogicalactivity Evalution of no velN-Substituted BenzimidazolythiopyrimidineDeriv Rs 3.35   Ongoing
Dr N Pavan Kumar UGC-Minor 2015-17 Theoretical investigations
Of diluted
Rs.3.60 Ongoing
Dr P Venugopal Reddy DRDO 2012-16 Ferro elastic behavior of somemagnetic based multiferroics Rs. 50.15 Completed
Dr P Venugopal Reddy DST 2008-2012 Investigation of spin – lattice coupling among multi ferroic manganites via Ultrasonic velocity and attenuation studies Rs 45.00 Completed