VJIT Alumni Association

VJIT Alumni have distinguished careers at national and international levels and have been successful in their chosen area of expertise. VJIT alumni are spread across the globe and they have been making their Alma Mater proud by excelling themselves as engineers, academicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, and technocrats. Several alumni have reached heights of excellence in their respective fields and are significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation.

The Alumni association networks brilliant minds that have been interacting for many years with the aim of provide timely advice for the students at VJIT. The interaction of Alumni has helped many a student at VJIT to get motivated immensely and plan their careers in the right direction.

The Alumni is at the core of building a very positive image and reputation for the college and they have been very supportive in connecting the college to many industries which helped the VJIT students in getting scholarships, innovative projects and internships apart from helping those getting placements in many reputed organizations.

The VJIT Alumni Association is registered in December 2010 in order to fulfill the long felt need for a formal forum and the cherished desires of its alumni. It is registered as a society with Regd.No.1402 of 2010.

To activate its functioning a committee has been constituted to provide vision, guidance and coordinate the all-round activities of the Alumni Association.


  • To help alumni stay connected to our alma mater;
  • To facilitate knowledge exchange;
  • To support the college in pursuit of excellence;
  • To promote networking

Executive Committee

Name Designation Mail ID
Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy  Chief Patron Secretary & Correspondent, VJES 
Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy  Patren Director, VJIT 
Dr. A. Padmaja  President Principal, VJIT 
Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh  Convener  Prof. CSE Dept., VJIT
Mr. Vishnu Acharya Vice-President 2009-13, Mech.
Ms. Akhila.V Vice-President 2010-15, ECE 
Mr. Karthikeyan.M Secretary 2009-13, ECE
Mr. Raghavendra. D Secretary  2011-15, CSE
Mr. Vinod Member 2009-13, Mech.
Ms. Ishrath Fatima Member 2010-14, ECE
Ms. Priya Bajpayee Member 2011-15, IT
Ms. Ravali Maley Member 2012-16, EEE
Mr. Anurag Reddy. P Member 2012-16, ECE
Mr. Rohith Shalivahana Member 2013-17, Civil
Mr. Mohd. Yaseen Member 2013-17, Civil
Mr. R. Venkatachalam Advisor Sr. Admin. Officer


ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET 2K19 2nd February, 2018 Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy, Director, VJIT & Dr. A Padmaja, Principal, VJIT
MILAN’ ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET 2K18 6th January, 2018 Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy, MLC & Govt.Whip, Secretary & Correspondent
MILAN’ ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET 2K17 7th January, 2017 Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy, Director, VJIT & Dr. A. Padmaja, Principal, VJIT.
MILAN’ ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET 2K16 2nd January, 2016 Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy, Director, VJIT & Dr. A. Padmaja, Principal, VJIT.
ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET 2K15 3rd January, 2015 Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy, Director, VJIT & Dr. A. Padmaja, Principal, VJIT.
ANNUAL ALUMNI MEET’ 2014  22nd February, 2014 Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy, Director, VJIT & President of VJIT Alumni Association.


23rd November, 2013 Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy, Chairman, Anurag Group of Institutions.

Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Ramgopal Varma Ramaraju.

BATCH: 2000- 2004

BRANCH: Mechanical Engg.


PRESENT WORKING: As Senior Lecturer in Faculty of technology, Department of Manufacturing Engineering in University Malaysia Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia.


Mr. Sateesh Chandra Koganti

BATCH: 2004- 2008,

BRANCH: Electronics & Communication Engg.

PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: M.Sc. from Country University – UK Worked with Object One Information Systems Limited and Securus Technologies. 

PRESENT: Budding “Entrepreneur” – CEO & Founder at Dexter Labs 

General Secretary – VJIT Alumni Association Executive Committee.


Ms. Sravanthi Dwarsala

BATCH: 2004- 2008,

BRANCH: Electronics & Communication Engg.

PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Studied at UMKC-College & University–Kansas City–United States. Worked with Rockwell Automation 

PRESENT: At Dexter Labs as Business Development Head.

Member – VJIT Alumni Association Executive Committee. 


Mr. Rajeshwar Ananchu

BATCH: 2004- 2008

BRANCH: Electrical & Electronics Engg.

PERSONAL ACHEIVEMENTS: M.Tech – Power Electronics – JNTU – H

PRESENT WORKING: Assistant Professor at Vidya Jyothi Institue of Technology 


Contact Us

Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology

Website: https://www.vjitalumni.com/

Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology
Aziznagar Gate, Chilkur Balaji Road,
Hyderabad – 500075, Telangana, India

Email: alumni@vjit.ac.in
Tel: 91-8413-235300 / 235399
Extension No: 34
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Principal/ VJIT Alumni President

Dr. A. Padmaja
Email: principalvjit@vjit.ac.in
Office: +91-08413-235399,
Mobile: 9849554882

Alumni Co-ordinator

Dr. Siddharth Ghosh
Mobile: 9959613556