VJIT Adventure Club

VJIT Photography Club

Initialized by two students from First year B.Tech V Ranadheer, ECE and Subramanyam. The VJIT-PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB joined the social networking site (facebook) on 22 November 2013. The students of VJIT showed a very keen interest and enthusiasm. Initially the page received 200 plus likes. All the nature related photographs captured in VJIT and the events conducted in VJIT were posted in the page. As the number of photographs increased the number of likes and comments reached peak levels. The total number of likes in the VJIT- PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB are now 750 plus…..

The main intention behind this VJIT- PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB is to ignite interest among students in photography and aesthetic sense.

Come join us…


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VJIT Cultural Club ‘YUKTHI’

“YUKTHI” Creates the urge to be self-expressive and happy, it give scope to tune into technical details of their Academic Curriculum. A Cultural club intended to provide platform to help students connect their talents for a well-ordered life, there by making them society ready to pursue their future endeavours.

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Yukthi was formally inaugurated on 23rd August 2014. In the presence of the Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy Director, Dr. A. Padmaja, Principal, Mr. R.V. Chalam, Sr. A.O, Heads of the Departments Faculty & Students. After the formal inauguration singing competition was conducted and three winners were declared.      

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Singing Competition winners

  • Swarnendu Chowdary, II CSE, (First Prize)
  • Bhanu Prakash, IV IT, (Second Prize)
  • Sharwani, II EEE, (Third Prize).

Mehendi Competition

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Mehendi is a beautiful form of art that never seems to age. People are more engaging in this kind of skin decoration in most of the Indian rituals. Mehendi design is the most Traditional aspect of every Indian. Hence @ VJIT we organized a mehendi competition on 13.09.2014 with 30 participants.

The winners

  • (First Prize) K. Chandrika, II Year, (ECE-A)
  • (Second Prize) G. Sneha, III Year, (MECH-B)
  • (Second Prize) K. Vaishnavi, III Year, (MECH-A)
  • (Third Prize) M. Rajya Laxmi, IV Year, (EEE-A)

Fresh Face’ 2014

Fresh Face 2014 was organised by the Times Group @ VJIT. The auditions for clean & clear Hyderabad Times Fresh Face Contest were held for the freshers at VJIT. Recharge Rao (RJ 93.5 FM) anchored the event with celebrity Daksha as judge for the event.

Almost 150 students participated with loads of enthusiasm it was a day of fun, masti and drama @ VJIT.


Divya Singh Sisodia, P. Madan


P. Vaishnavi, Suchala Yasaswy, S. Adarsh, Md. Mubeen, M. Venkatesh

Bathukamma Festival 

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“Bathukamma” – Telangana’s floral festival marks the beginning of sharadh ruthuvu. It is a festival of feminine felicitation representing cultural spirit of womanhood. It is a beautiful flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers, in seven concentric layers in the shape of a Temple Gopuram. All the women folk at VJIT, in their traditional attire assembled at A Block quadrangle to participate in first ever bathukamma celebrated in the campus, with the floral conical stacks placed in the centre, women of vjit then danced around clapping hands in rhythm moving in unison……

The celebration was followed by Dandiya a traditional folk dance form performed especially at Navaratri Days, originated in Vrindavan by Lord Krishna. Women dance in circle with sticks about 18” long each dancer holds 2 sticks, in a four beat rhythm opposite sides hit the sticks at the same time creating a nice sound. The sticks of the dance represent the swords of Durga. 

The event was witnessed by the Director and Principal, Heads of the Dept., Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of VJIT.

The celebration was aired the same day in few news channels.

YUKTHI 2K15 Prize list

  • Group Dance: First Prize, Elias, Ramakrishna, U.Vamsi Krishna and G.Vamsi Krishna.
  • Solo Dance: Third Prize Mahalakshmi, MBA & Alamdhar First Year, IT.
  • Group Singing: Swarnamani & Tejasri, ECE 2nd Year. 
  • Solo Singing: First Prize Sadhana, ECE, 2nd Year, Second Prize Adarsh Maddy & Third Prize Henry, 1st Year.
  • Mehendi: Second Prize Chandrika, ECE 2nd Year, Third Prize Madhavi, CSE, 1st Year.
  • Mono Action: Venkatesh, 1st Year 
  • Comedy Skit: Sreenivas, Keerthi, M. Venkatesh, Mech 1st Year