“YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD”- quoted the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The customized occasion of 72nd Independence Day was celebrated and cheered by all the VJITans in our campus. The festivity began with our National Flag hoisting by our distinguished Director Dr. Venugopal Reddy and our beloved Principal Dr. Padmaja. Along with the staff and the students were also present our valued HoDs. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Venugopal Reddy paid homage to the struggle of our fighters and martyrs, who endured the atrocities of the British, and how our courageous leaders showed their belligerence to wrest freedom for us. These sacrifices, he said should be respected through constant introspection. This, he says is necessary to check if our goals are reached, the goals being, Eradicate poverty, Eliminate corruption and Extinguish the flames of terrorism from our country. Hence, he professes that it is rather an ‘Introspection Day’. Principal Dr. Padmaja expressed her jubilance that India is emerging as an economic powerhouse with an inflated GDP and has the largest market globally. India also, she says, has sophisticated technology and is taking ahead the legacy of profound scientific research. But she worried on the point that the rural areas are deprived of the benefits of these developments. Hence, she says the onus is on us to work with devotion towards equal distribution of resources among all. Placements Head, Dr. Siddharth Ghosh, Head of Mechanical Dept. Dr. Sriram Reddy and a Senior Professor Mr. VV Satyanarayana pledged to emanate quality education, the inputs being sincerity and dedication, to acknowledge the freedom that we are celebrating today. The programme wound up with an exhilarating dance performance by our students on patriotic tunes that stimulated a spirit of nationalism.