Department of management studies, VIDYA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has organized industrial visit to “NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT& PANCHAYAT RAJ (NIRD&PR) on 2nd April, 2016 for both MBA I year and II year students. The mission of NIRD&PR is to examine and analyze the factors contributing to the improvement of economic and social well-being of people in rural areas on a sustainable basis with focus on the rural poor and the other disadvantaged groups through research, action research and consultancy efforts.

Mr. B. Veeranna, training coordinator of Rural Technology Park (RTP), NIRD&PR,  in his AV lecture explained the role of RTP in educating the rural and disadvantaged groups by providing training in manufacturing, marketing, resource mobilization, getting financial assistance from banks etc, in order to improve their economic and social well being and transforming them into successful business entrepreneurs.

MBA students got the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs who are into manufacturing and marketing of various products like leaf paper plates making, pearl jewellery, solar food products, herbal beauty products, mushroom cultivation, etc. Entrepreneurs explained very enthusiastically to all the students about their  business  plans, how they have overcome the problems during the incubation stages of their business , importance of quality assurance, need to understand the tastes and preferences of customers, marketing and competitive strategies followed by them.

All the students expressed their utmost satisfaction for the cooperation extended by RTP staff in sharing the valuable information and for igniting the spirit in them to become future successful entrepreneurs of India.

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