VJIT proudly organized an Induction Program for B. Tech I-year (2018-19) students and their parents on 19 July 2018. The event was hosted with warmth and grandeur, wherein the students and parents attended this colossal event with exuberance. The stage was graced by our Director Dr. P Venugopal Reddy, Principal, Dr. Mrs. A. Padmaja, Academic Coordinator, Mrs Srilatha, Sr. Administrative Officer, Mr. Venkatachalam, supported by our ace team of Department Heads who have been pillars of support and instrumental in the continuous growth of our college. The beacon of our group of institutions, Dr. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy was the Chief Guest of the event. Mr. Venkatachalam kindled the programme by familiarizing the students and parents to the principles of the institution that they should adhere to, for the integrity and welfare of the students and the institution as well. Dr. Padmaja enunciated that knowledge blended with other learning skills will galvanize the students to be competent enough to meet the challenges of the world. Director, Dr. Venugopal Reddy gladly articulated about the outcome-based educational modules embraced by VJIT, which are viewed as the best. He primarily stressed on discipline maintained in VJIT that will foster the overall grooming of the students. Our Secretary and Correspondent Dr. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, in his invigorating discourse, highlighted that the focal point of VJIT has dependably been on building a phenomenal foundation, cherishing the best staff and instigating a learning state of mind among the students. He additionally identified the endeavours of VJIT, urging the students to effectively participate in international conferences and emerge as global leaders. He accentuated on relational abilities and communication skills that the students should learn and practise to evolve as responsible and successful professionals. He proudly pronounced that VJIT will encourage and promote its students to become efficacious. It was also attested that subsequent to these efforts, 80% of 2018 graduates were successfully placed. The event ended on a cordial note that imbued the students and parents with appeasement.