Welding and brazing are quintessential in mechanical engineering domain. Keeping in view of its inherent demand, our thriving and robust Mechanical Engineering Department organized a workshop on 15th September 2018 to galvanize the mechanical students and master this skill. Sri K. Tyagarajan, Retired Senior Scientist, DRDL was invited to enlighten our students in this area. The ingenious and ace members of the Mechanical Engineering Dept, Dr. Sreeram Reddy, HoD, Senior Professors Mr Satyanarayana, Dr. Ravinder, and Dr. Reddy hosted the efficacious programme. Sri K. Tyagarajan’s lecture threw light on the types of welding processes and the corresponding parameters selected in the joining of the materials. Various welding symbols were also featured in the workshop to make students understand the design and production of clear drawings that aid them execute perfectly in the shop floor. Vacuum brazing techniques to fabricate the components used in aerospace applications were elucidated to effectuate existing exigencies of the engineering field. This erudition on the advanced techniques marked a profound impact on the students.