Cartwheel @ VJIT

The idea to publish an in-house magazine for Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology is as old as the oldest tree on the lush green VJIT campus. We felt that a spirited professional college driven by an ambition to ensure a promising future for thousand of its starry eyed pupils, should engage in building bridges to cross the barriers of internal exchange of opinion and provide an opportunity to show case their fluttering imagination and inherent talent. Here it is! Cartwheel is like fulfillment of our long standing desire to connect each one of you with each one of you.

Cartwheel is an expression of one’s passion to move ahead and the creation of an uninterrupted circle of energetic motion. It is also a symbol of human being’s yearning to outperform fellow competitors. Now, enjoy reading your very own in-house journal. Go Cartwheeling! 

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CARTWHEEL NEWS LETTER (Anurag Group in-house magazine):