On 11th September 2017 Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology (VJIT), aziz Nagar Gate, Chilkur Road had Established a Centre of Excellence (EoE) in the field of Data Analytics supported, powered and mentored by Qlik Software company based on USA with India Head office at Mumbai. The program was attended by Secretary and Correspondent of VJIT Dr. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Director Dr. P Venugopal Reddy, Principal Dr. M. Padmaja and other staff members of VJIT along with Qlik Academic Manager Mr. Pankaj Muthe from Mumbai and his team. The CoE will be headed by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh, Professor in CSE and Head of Training and Placements from VJIT. The CoE will create about 200 Data Analyst and Architect from VJIT in every year.