The Humanities and Sciences Department at VJIT Is established in the year 1999. The objective of the department is to update and modernize the quality of professional education and to employ innovative teaching methods.

The Department comprises seven disciplines namely, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Physical Education and Library Sciences.

The strength of engineering college indeed lies in the academic affluence of the dept. of Basic sciences & Humanities, which is fast developing and emerging as one of the best branches in the institute. The department supports the technical departments by providing value-based education to the budding engineers that help them to emerge as professionals with a difference.

Head of the Department

We have a pool of well-qualified human resources who can provide a direction and orientation to the students in their learning process with a blend of theory and practical sessions.

Prof. M. Rajendra Prasad obtained his masters in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University and B.Tech (ECE) from SK University. He has over 18 years of experience in teaching & embedded system development.

He is pursuing his doctorial degree in the area of Embedded Systems for Telecom Applications from Osmania University. He has authored several research and technical paper in International Journals like Springer, IEEE and Elsevier & presented papers in International conferences.

He also published technical papers on Outcome Based Education related topics like Project Based Learning and Active Learning Methods. He is associated with Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology since Feb 2002.

Prof. M. Rajendra Prasad, B. Tech, M.E. (Ph.D)


Mail ID: hshod@vjit.ac.in Phone: 9985637983


Dr. P. Venugopal Reddy Ph.D. Professor
Dr. B. Sathyanarayana Reddy Ph.D. Professor
Dr. M. Venkata Krishna Ph.D. Professor
Dr. D. Raju Ph.D. Professor
Dr. Radhika Purohit Ph.D. Professor
Mr. P. Venkateshwara Reddy M.Sc Associate Professor
Mr. R. Venkata Chalam M.Sc Associate Professor
Mrs. G. Srilatha M.Sc Associate Professor
Mrs. P. Annapurna M.Sc Associate Professor
Mr. V. Murali M.A., (Ph.D) Associate Professor
Mrs. M. Sujatha MA, M.Phil., B.Ed Associate Professor
Mrs. G. Indira Priyadarshini M.Tech Associate Professor
Dr. D. Indira Priyadarshini M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., PGCTE Ph.D Associate Professor
Mrs. R. Padma Venkat M.A., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Associate Professor
Mr. K. Mallikarjuna Rao MCA M.Tech Associate Professor
Dr. B. Sita Rambabu M.Sc., Ph.D Associate Professor
Dr. J. Ramesh Babu MA, MPES, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Professor
Mrs. M.N.L. Anuradha M.Sc Associate Professor
Mr. V. Jhon Alexander M.L.I.C., M.Phil Associate Professor
Dr. M. Anand Pandarinath M.Sc., P.hd Associate Professor
Dr. R. Mahesh M.Sc., M.Phil., P.hD Assistant Professor
Mrs. Y. Suneetha M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. A. Sadanandam M.Sc., B.Ed Assistant Professor
Mrs. K. Ramya Sudha M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mrs. S.J. Geetha Devi M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed Assistant Professor
Mrs. K. Vijayalakshmi M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mrs. Fouzia Tabassum M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. R. Muralidhar Reddy M.Sc., B.Ed Assistant Professor
Mr. Md. Zaheer Ahmed M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mrs. Ch. Sridevi M.Sc., M.Tech Assistant Professor
Mrs. K. Monika M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. Allam Surender M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed Assistant Professor
Mr. J. Govardhan Reddy M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Mr. E. Sagar M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. A. Ravi Kumar MPED Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Swetha M.Sc (P.hD) Assistant Professor
Dr. M. Lakshmi M.Sc P.hD Assistant Professor
Mr. S. Raju M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. mahaboob Mohd. M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. V. Prakash M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. K. Kondal Rao M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. K. Madhava Reddy M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. P. Ganesh M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mr. B. Narsimlu M.Sc Assistant Professor
Mrs. P. Ramadevi M.Sc Assistant Professor
Dr. Elizabet Kamala M.A P.hD Assistant Professor
Mr. Ch. Aravind Babu M.A (P.hD) Assistant Professor
Mrs. K. Sree Vani M.A Assistant Professor
Mrs. J. Sreedevi M.A Assistant Professor
Mr. R. Vijay Kumar M.A Assistant Professor
Mrs. Shakeela Banu Shaik M.Sc Assistant Professor


Name of the Laboratory Faculty In-charge Technical Staff
COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LAB Mr. D. Anil Mr. Nagaraju & Mr. Firoz
ELCS LAB Ms. R. Padma Venkat Ms. Naga Jyothi
ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY Mr. R. Muralidhar Ms. Renuka
ENGINEERING PHYSICS LAB Mr. Anand Pandarinath Mr. Mallesh & Ms. Sunitha







Research papers published in Journals

Name Title Journal YEAR

Dr. Mahes Rajendran
Formation of As-As Interlayer Bonding in the cT phase of EuFe2As2 and CeFeAsO under pressure from first principle Superconductivity an Novel Magnetism 2018

Investigation of Structural and Multiferroic properties of three phases of BiFeO3 using modified Becke johnson potential technique Physics & Chemistry of Solids/ SCOPUS 2017
Dr. D. Raju MHD chemically reacting viscoelastic Fluid past and impulsively started infinite vertical plate with heat and mass transfer effect IJSRR UGC Approved (55-64) ISSN: 2229-5046 2017
MHD free convective heat absorbing newtonian fluid with variable temperature UGC approved (17-28) ISSN: 2279-0543 2017
Dr. D. Indira Priyadarshini Developing writing skills in the context of teaching English as a second language for the professional course students IJMRA/ SCOPUS 2017
Developing writing skills in the context of teaching English as a second language for the professional course students IJRSS/ SCOPUS 2017
Mr. K. Kondal Rao Dynamics of three species food chain model with neutralism and amensalism Bull. jCulcutta Mathematical Society (485-500) 2017
Dynamical system of Amensal relationship of Humans on plants and Birds with time delay Research Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.9 Issue-3 2017
Mrs. K. Sree Vani Developing writing skills in the context of teaching English as a second language for the professional course students IJELLH, UGC Approved, Vol-5, Issue-5 2017
Developing writing skills in the context of teaching English as a second language for the professional course students-2 IJELLH, UGC Approved, Vol-6, Issue-2 2017
Mrs. J. Sreedevi The Bhagavadgita-Remedy for all Challenges ELTAI Conference 2017
Content based language teaching IJUB, ISSN: 2320-2882 2017

Mr. J. Govardhan Reddy
A Mathematical Study of Two Species Commensalism model Research Journal of Science & Technology UGC Approved 2017

Events Organized

Academic Year: 2017-18

A workshop on “Smart Antenna Design for Real Time Applications” IETE-VJIT Student Forum 16th & 17th March 2018
Expert Lecture on “Women Rock-IT” CISCO-Network Academy 15th March 2018
A workshop on “V-India Student forum and ISEE’18” IETE-VJIT Student Forum 4th to 6th March 2018
A workshop on “Wireless network using networks simulator” IEEE-Student Chapter 4th Oct. 2017
A workshop on “Design and analysis of Digital circuits using orcad” IETE-VJIT Student Forum 27th Sept. 2017
A workshop on “Design and Simulation of Analog circuits” IEEE Student Chapter 2nd Aug. 2017
A Guest lecture on “Real time embedded systems and IOT” 23rd Aug. 2017
A workshop on “Implementation of Image processing using open source software” 18th & 19th Aug. 2017
A workshop on “Speed-RSF” SPEED-Student Chapter 7th to 9th Aug. 2017

Department Achievements

  • Dept. of CSE got NBA Accreditation for 3 years; from 2018 to 2021
  • Conducted National level technical fest “PROMETHEUS-2K18” on March 27th & 28th, 2018.
  • A five day INSPIRE Internship Science Camp organized for the students of Class-11 studying in urban and semi-urban junior colleges of Telangana sponsored by DST and coordinated by Dr.B.Vijaya Kumar, HOD-CSE from 14th Nov to 18th Nov 2017.
  • Conducted National level technical fest “PROMETHEUS-2K17” on March 3rd 2017.
  • Organized DST sponsored two day National Conference on Recent trends in Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing on 4th & 5th Jan 2017.

Student Achievements

  • Mr. Akhil III B.Tech Won First Prize in Volleyball at State level held @ CVR College of Engg. on 28 & 29 Dec.2018 and received Rs. 20000/- cash prize
  • Ms. Vyshnavi & Saketh of III B.Tech Won Second Prize in J-HUB Hackathon JNTU Hyderabad
  • Mr. Rohit III B.Tech presented a poster PETME at 2018 IEE 8th International advance computing conference on 14-15 December 2018
  • Ms. G. Niharika III B.Tech presented a poster Emotion Recognizing Assistant at 2018 IEE 8th International advance computing conference on 14-15 December 2018
  • Mr. Asfaq Nisar, Vinay Reddy, Vamshi Krishna, Manogna & Manasa of III B.Tech received First Prize @ NASA Space Apps Hackathon-2018
  • Mr. Md. Munazzaruddin of IV B.Tech had developed an application of Feedback System for the College
  • Manasa, Manogna, Ashfaq, Vamshi Krishna, Yashwanth & Vinay Reddy of 2nd year CSE Attended Telangana State Smart City hackathon and achieved social media champ special award and appreciated by IAS Jayesh Ranjan on 2nd April 2018.
  • Prasanjeet Paul, of 4th year selected in E-PAM with a package of 6 Lakhs in 2018.
  • Prasanjeet Paul, of 4th year and M. Suresh of 3 year CSE are leading Developers Student Society https://vjit.ac.in/dss/
  • Y. Mahendra Rohit, 3 year CSE Awarded as the Young Innovator @ T-HUB on 27 November 2017.
  • Y. Mahendra Rohit, 3 year CSE Pet Me Project Selected in Top-10 in Excite JNTUH in November 2017.
  • Shiva Gourav Nemani, 3 year CSE Awarded Google Student Ambassador in 2016.
  • K. Soujanya, K Aishwarya and Tharun Stood in Top-10 in JNTUH Excited Program for the Project “Walk with Me” in 2016.

Faculty Achievements

  • Mr. K. Ramesh Babu,Professor have been Awarded Doctorate in Network Security, Computer Science from Hyderabad Central University November 2018
  • Ms. A. Swarna & D. Venkateshwarlu,Assoc. Professors Certified CCNA Cyber Security from CISCO Networking Academy 2018
  • Mr. Y. Praveen Kumar & PKV Sarma,Asst. Professors Certified OCJP & ISTQB under MoU of Virtusa Polaries in 2018
  • Mr. Zaheer Ahamed, Asst. Professors had received Best Teacher Award on 05 Sept. 2018
  • Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh  & Dr. Aruna Kumari, Professors had received Two years RCI DRDO founded project Mobile hardening using software and hardware on 2017-19, 10 Lakhs
  • Dr B. Vijaya Kumar,  Professor had sanctioned DST Project INSPIRE internship Science Camp of 10 Lac in 2017.
  • Dr D. Aruna Kumari,  Professor had sanctioned 1 Lakh from DST-SERB to organize the National Level Conference on RTBACC in 2017.
  • Dr D. Aruna Kumari,  Professor had received grant of 3578000 from DST-SERB for the research project entitled Design and Development of an effective privacy preserving data mining techniques for cardiac, cancer & diabetic healthcare under FSER.