Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) is a widely acclaimed engineering discipline and is known to be a bridge to best careers in diverse technology areas. The Department of EEE is established in 1999 and is accredited by NBA in 2010. A faculty team with award winning Senior professors and one of its kind fully functional model room define the learnability quotient of students of the discipline. Innovative projects and regular industry interfacing enhance the students engineering capabilities and inspire them to create the best technology solutions.

Core competencies

  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Renewable Enegrgy Systems
  • Flexible AC Transmission system (FACTS)
  • Power Quality Issues
  • Smart Grids

Industry Tie-ups

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has MOUs with industry entities. As part of the MOU, expertise exchange happens between industry and college.

  • ECI Engineering and Construction.
  • Balaji Electrical and Engineering works.
  • Heartfulness Institute.
  • VEGA Solar Energy Private Ltd.
  • AVGHNI Renewable Energy Indian Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vasavi Electricals

Prominent Features

  • Accredited by National Board of Accreditation and NAAC.
  • Department has an excellent model room helping students in project based learning.
  • Department entered into an MOU with Heartfulness institute for promoting Human values, Professional Ethics and group Meditation.


Mr. Mr. Vutukuri Anantha Krishna Koundinya of EEE Department 2016 batch is placed into Xilinx with 13.5LPA.

K. Nagaswathi III B. Tech. published papers on “Wireless Power Charging of Electrical Vehicle Through Magnetic Coupling With Experimental Analysis” and “Power Quality Improvement by using wind and solar Hybrid System with Novel Method” in International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering & Science in March 2017 Volume.

Dr.S.Siva Prasad Professor and HOD of EEE Department received Silver Certificate for his Paper paper “Efficient Utilization of RF and Optical Energy Harvesting for low and medium Power Applications” presented at NCRTEEFOSS -2016 during 15th to 17th December 2016 in Hyderabad.

K. Nagaswathi III B. Tech. also published papers in International Conference  on “Ëmerging Trends in Engineering Science and Management in Hyderabad”, Recent Advances in power, Industrial Drives and Energy Evolutionary Technologies sponsored by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), New Delhi in the year 2016-17. 

Dr.S.Siva Prasad, Professor and HOD of EEE Department filed patent on “A Sytem and Method for generating energy by utilizing vibrations and is published in Indian Google Patents.

K Ravalika & Ch. Purnima III B. Tech. presented a Paper titled  Power Quality Improvement by DVR using Z source inverter” and awarded best paper and rewarded with Gold Medal and Certificate at BVRIT College of Engineering for Women, Hyderabad at National level Fest held on 22nd & 23 rd February 2017.

Nikhil & Santosh IV B. Tech. along with their batch have designed and provided Solar Fencing for the entire college.

Hot line maintenance robot has been designed by B. Sandeep Kumar and G. Uday Kiran. The removal of failed insulators and other maintenance of EHV lines can be taken up by just standing under the line without interruption.

An Battery Driven Electric Tricycle has been designed by Ch. Naveen, B. Venugopal, E. Balakrishna and K. Giri Prashanth and presented to Mr. Satyam, a physically handicapped staff working in VJIT.

Professional Chapters

  • IEEE
  • ISTE

Head of the Department

Dr. S. Siva Prasad, was awarded Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad. He has about 18 years of Experience in academics and was conferred with the prestigious “Bharat Vibhushan Samman Puraskar” by the “the Economic and Human Resource Development Association” in 2013 and also received Young Investigator Award in 2012 from Inter Science Research Network(IRNE).He filed patents on “A system and method for generating electrical energy by utilization vibrations”.

Dr. S. Siva Prasad, Ph.D

Faculty Members in Department

Name of the Faculty Member Qualification Designation
Dr. S. Siva Prasad Ph.D Prof  & HOD
Dr. D Bala Gangi Reddy Ph.D Professor
Dr. C. N. Ravi Ph.D Professor
Dr. S. Deve Gowda Ph.D Professor
Dr. S. Surendar Reddy Ph.D Professor
Mr.S.M.Zafarullah M.Tech Professor
Mr. N.L.V.Prasad Rao M.Tech Professor
Mrs. AV Ratna Manikyavani M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. K. Satish Kumar M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. A. Narasimha Rao M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. K. Dheeraj M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. B. Rajesh M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. P. Nageswara Rao M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. D.Srinivas M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mrs.G. Sudha Rani M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mrs. V. Vijayalaxmi M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Hussain shaik M.Tech Assoc. Professor
B. Jyotsna M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. T.Parameshwar M.Tech Assoc. Professor
Mr. M.Vijaykumar M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. S.Chaitanya M.E Asst. Professor
Mrs. K.Swapna M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. M.Soujanya M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.P. Naga Muneendra M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. L. Raju M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.Vikram Chandha M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. P. Vaishnavi Devi M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. K. Rajeev M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. B. Sudhakar Reddy M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. B. Aruna Kumari M.Tech Asst. Professor
Ms. A.B. Bhavana Reddy M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.A.Praveen kumar M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.Murali.P M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.S. Suresh M.Tech Asst. Professor
Ms. B.Sruthi M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr.P.Hemanth kumar M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. G. Prasanna M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mrs. K. Haritha M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. P. Satheesh M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. E. Ashok M.Tech Asst. Professor
Mr. R Sevilal M.Tech Asst. Professor

Outcome Based Education

It’s a student-centric approach, it’s not what teacher teaches, it’s what student learns. The desired outcomes are determined first and the programme curriculum, teaching and learning methodology and supporting facilities are designed to support the intended outcomes.


  • To become reputed department in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to impart quality technical education and research with human values by providing excellent state of the art learning facilities.


  • Imparting Quality Technical Education by providing the state-of-the-art laboratories with effective industry interaction.
  • Preparing the students to work innovatively and effectively to find solutions for engineering problems with multi-disciplinary approach by inculcating research culture.
  • Preparing students for lifelong learning, team work skills with ethical responsibility for successful professional career.

News Letter 2017-18


Program Educational Objectives


Program Outcomes


Program Specific Outcomes


EEE B.Tech First year Syllabus

EEE B.Tech Second year i&II Syllabus

EEE B.Tech Third year i&ii Syllabus

EEE B.Tech Forth year Syllabus

Topics Discussed Beyond Syllabus


Program Assessment Committee


Department Advisory Board


Board of Studies


Innovative Learning and Teaching-ILT

Innovative Teaching Methods used by Faculty


Information Communication Technologies


Name of the Laboratory No.of Students (Batch size) Name of the Equipment
BASIC SIMULATION TOOLS LAB 1 Matlab Software, PSpice Software, Computer Systems
ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS LAB 3 Experimental Kits, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Regulated power supplies, Digital Ammeters & Voltmeters, LCD Projectors
ELECTRONICS DEVICES & CIRCUITS LAB 3 Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Regulated power supplies, DC Ammeters, DC Voltmeters, DC Micro Ammeters, Multi-meters, Diodes, Transistors, UJT etc..
ELECTRICAL MACHINES-I LAB 3 DC Generators, DC Motors, Rectifier, Measuring Instruments-Wattmeters, Ammeters & Voltmeters, Rheostats etc..
ELECTRICAL MACHINES-II LAB 3 Induction motors, Synchronous motors, Synchronous Alternator, Measuring Instruments-Wattmeters, Ammeters & Voltmeters, Rheostats etc..
CONTROL SYSTEMS & SIMULATION LAB 3 Time response of Second order system, Characteristic of Synchros, effect of feedback on DC servomotor, Transfer function of DC motor, Lag & Lead Compensation, Programmable Logic Controller, Computer Systems, Matlab Software
POWER ELECTRONICS AND SIMULATION 3 Single Phase semi controlled converter, Single phase fully controlled bride converter, Oscilloscopes, Cyclo-converter, forced commutation circuits, DC Jones Chopper, Parallel Inverter, Power Controllers
ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS LAB 3 Measuring Bridges – Kelvins Double Bridge, Dc Crompton Potentiometer, Andersons Bridge, Schering Bridge, Silsbees Method, Strain Gauge LVDT, Measuring Instruments – Ammeters and Voltmeters, Di-electrical Oil testing kit
POWER SYSTEMS LAB-I 1 Computer Systems, MATLAB Software
POWER SYSTEMS LAB-II 2 Synchronous machine, Transformers, Relays and other protection devices.
POWER CONVERTERS SIMULATION LAB 1 Computer Systems, Matlab Software, Pspice Software.
POWER CONVERTERS AND DRIVES LAB 2 Power Converters- 1HP DC Motor With Spring Balance Load Setup (DC Motor Load), 4HPMMDC Motor With Spring Balanced Load Set-Up, 3HP Slip Ring Induction Motor Spring Balance Load Set Up With QEP Sensor







Academic Year: 2018-19

Event Name Organized By Date
Guest Lecture on “Power System Protection” Sri. J. Balakrishna Rao, CE (Rtd.,) APTRANSCO 24th Feb 2018

Academic Year: 2017-18

Event Name Organized By Date
Guest Lecture on “Power System Protection” Sri. J. Balakrishna Rao, CE (Rtd.,) APTRANSCO 24th Feb 2018

Academic Year: 2016-17

Event Name Organized By Date
FDP on “Recent trends in Earthing Practices” Mr. Balakrishna Rao, CE Power Systems, APTRANSCO (Retd.) 17th June 2017
Workshop on “Excellence at work” Dr. Sailesh Kumar 11th  – 12th May 2017
“First Year Student Workshop” IUCEE-VJIT SPEED Chapter 2nd March 2017
A “Seminar on Digital Image processing and its Applications” IEEE Student Chapter 1st March 2017
Workshop on “IOT Application Development” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 7th Feb 2017
“4th Indian Student Forum & ICTIEE-2017” (Vardhaman College Of Engg. Hyderabad) IUCEE-VJIT SPEED Chapter January 2017
A Seminar on “Micro Controllers and its Applications” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 28th Nov 2016
One Day workshop on “Introduction to Fundamentals of Matlab Programming” Dr. CN. Ravi, Prof. EEE Dept. 26th Nov 2016
“Reasonal Student Forum-2016” IUCEE-VJIT SPEED Chapter 17th to 19th Aug. 2016
Workshop on “VLSI Technology” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 27th June 2016
“Third Indian Student Forum & ICTIEE-2016” (College of Engg. Pune) IUCEE-VJIT SPEED Chapter 8th to 12th January 2016

Academic Year: 2015-16

Event Name Organized By Date
A Seminar on “Memory, Human Intelligence, Learning and Bllom’s Taxonomy” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 28th Jan 2016
Heart Fullness Program Prof. NLV. Prasada Rao, Dept. of EEE 24th – 26th Feb 2016
Regional Student Form IUCEE VJIT-   SPEED Chapter 3rd – 5th Aug 2015
Expert Lecture on ” Domain Opportunities of an Electronic Enginner” VJIT-IETE Student Branch 14th Aug 2015

Academic Year: 2014-15

Event Name Organized By Date
Inauguration of VJIT-IEEE Student Branch Women In Engineering(WIE) Affiliation Group Chapter VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 31st Jan  2015
A Seminar on Empowerment of womens Engineers VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 31st Jan  2015
Pheonix’15 VJIT 23rd  – 24th Jan 2015
GoogleApps for Education VJIT 23rd – 24th Dec 2014
21st Century Grand Challenges of Engineering Workshop VJIT-SPEED  Chapter 15th-17th Sept 2014

Academic Year: 2013-14

Event Name Organized By Date
Inaugrual function of IEEE Student Chapter VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 1st Mar 2014
Workshop on “Comprehensive Matlab” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 19th -20th  Feb 2014
Workshop On “Adobe Photoshop” VJIT-ISTE Student Branch 4th Feb 2014
Workshop on “Embedded System ARM7 and Rasberry pi” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 3rd & 4th Jan 2014
Seminar on “Key to Success” VJIT-IEEE Student Branch 24th Dec 2013

Industrial Visits Organized by the Dept.

Field Visit, SLDC, Vidyuth Sowdha 18th Oct. 2016 30 Prof. NLV. Prasada Rao
Field Visit, High Voltage Lab testing CPRI 23rd Sept. 2016 100 Prof. NLV. Prasada Rao
CPRI  field visit
IV year II sem
19th Feb. 2016 70 Prof.N.L.V Prasad Rao
Industrial tour ( vtps, srisailam, iii yr students) 10 & 11 Sept. 2015 80 Mr. D.Srinivas
Technical seminars  ii & iii yr students 15th Sept. 2015 20 Mrs.V.Vijaya Lakshmi

Guest Lectures Organized in the Dept.

Prof. Mahanti Ramu General Manager(Retd.) MIDHANI 15th March 2017 PROFESSIONAL ETHICS
Mr.MSR. Sarma SE (Retd.),PS APTRANSCO 17th Oct. 2016 GRID OPERATION
Mr. M. Ramakrishna Senior Manager, HR CTS 17th Sept. 2016 HUMAN EXCELLENCY
Dr.Shailesh Kumar Trainer HEARTFULLNESS 18th July 2016 HARMONY IN LIFE
Dr.Shailesh Kumar Trainer HEARTFULLNESS 4th Feb 2016 HVPE
Prof.M.Sita Rama Sarma Professor CVSR Engg.College 19&20 feb 2016 FDP on EHV Transmission
 Dr.Pradeep Nirgude Director
20th feb 2016 EHVAC
Dr.Yesu Ratnam HOD/EEE OUCE 1st July 2015 Outcome Based Education
Mrs.Madhumathi Trainer HEARTFULLNESS 8th – 10th July 2015 HEARTFULLNESS
Dr.Dhanvanthari HOD/EEE Bharath Engg College 31st Oct 2015 Electro Magnetic Fields

Events Organized In the Department during Academic Year 2014-2015

In house  lecture on Electrical Circuits July 9th 2014 15 Mr.L.Raju, Asst.Prof.
project based learning work shop by IUCEE conducted in EEE/VJIT 14th & 15th July 2014 20 Prof.N.L.V Prasad Rao
project based learning work shop by  IUCEE conducted in EEE/VJIT 14th & 15th July 2014 2 V.Sudhakar and B.Kanthi kiran were deputed from EEE
EEE Alumni Meet 19th July 2014 35 Mr.A.Rajeswar
Graduation Day 19th July 2014 35 Mr.A.Rajeswar Mr.Hussain Shaik
Merit certificates distributed for best projects 19th July 2014 10 Mrs.V.Vijaya Lakshmi
In-house lecture  on “Harmonics and switching transients in  transformer” 5th Aug 2014 25 Mr.P.Nageswara Rao,Assoc.Prof
In-house lecture on NBA Accredidation 6th Aug 2014 15 Mr.A.Narasimha Rao, Assoc. Prof.
In-house lecture on project based learning 13th Aug 2014 20 Mr.Sudhakar Asst. Prof.& Mr.K.Kanthi Kiran Assoc. Profs. made presentation to EEE faculty
Teachers’  day celebrations 5th Sept 2014 60 VJIT staff felicitated  Prof.N.L.V. Prasada rao
Engineers’ day celebrations (EEE Dept.) 14th Sept 2014 60 organised by eee iii yr students
Students’ technical seminars 15th Sept 2014 25 Presented by eee ii, iii, iv year students
Field visit to railway traction SCADA control room 19th Sept 2014 20 VJIT faculty & faculty delegates of FDP
field visit to 220/132kv GIS, Osmania university 19th Sept 2014 20 VJIT faculty members & faculty delegates of FDP
field visit to 220/132kv GIS, Erragadda 11th Oct 2014 20 Mrs.A.R.M.Vani
Field visit to KRK, Transformers’ manufacturing company, nacharam 23-3-15 50 Mr.V.Sudhakar
Field visit to Shankarpally 100kv substation 23rd march ,2015 50 Mr.Hussain Shaik
In house lecture on NBA accreditation process 14-nov 2015 20 Prof.N.L.V. Prasada rao
Students’ Technical Seminar 20-nov 2015 20 Mr.P.Nageswara Rao


Research Centers:
  • Center for Power Electronics and Industrial Drives
  • Center for Power Systems and Energy Management
Summary of Faculty Publications:
S.No. Academic Year Number of Publications
1 2017-2018 29
2 2016-2017 45
3 2015-2016 44
4 2014-2015 35
5 2013-2014 PUBLICATIONS 27