Community Outreach

About NSS

The ‘National Service Scheme’ (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year, 1969. Aimed at developing student’s personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities and at +2 level working for a campus-community linkage.

Motto of NSS

The Motto of NSS “Not Me but You” reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service. NSS helps the students develop appreciation to other person’s point of view and also show consideration to other living beings. The philosophy of the NSS is well doctrine in this motto, which underlines on the belief that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society on the whole and therefore, the NSS volunteers shall strive for the well-being of the society.


The main objectives of National Service Scheme (NSS) are:

  • Understand the community in which they work;
  • Understand themselves in relation to their community;
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving;
  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility;
  • Utilise their knowledge in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems;
  • Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities;
  • Gain skills in mobilising community participation;
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes;
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters;
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.
  • VJIT has NSS unit established in the year 2009 and from then onwards it has been organizing many social service activities very actively;
  • 100 student volunteers are enrolled in the unit. The unit is cultivating service mindset among the students and making better citizen with social concern;
  • Every year the unit is organizing Special Camps, Blood donation Camps, Medical Checkup Camps apart from the various regular activities for the benefit of the society.

Programme Officer

Name Designation Mobile No.
Mrs. N. Srinidhi  NSS Coordinator & Asst. Prof. in H&S  7416627498

Regular Activities

One day Programme on “Biodiversity Train Visit” on 14th October 2012

NSS unit of Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology organized a One day programme “Visit to Biodiversity Exhibition Train” arrived at Secunderabad Station for the NSS Volunteers and the Anthappaguda, Shankerapally Mandal, Village Government School students of IV Std. to VII Std. 25 NSS volunteers and 60 School students participated in the Programme. The visit was very useful to the students to understand the meaning of biodiversity and the necessity of conservation of species.

Organ donation: Special lecture organized with Lions Club, Jubilee Hills

VJIT, NSS unit has organized a special lecture programme for motivating the eye donation, blood donation and in general organ donation which in turn the life of needy people. This programme was organized along with the Lions club, Jubilee Hills.

Blood donation Camp

NSS unit is encouraging the students to donate blood. This year 147 students donated the blood.

Computer education to rural children by NSS volunteers

NSS volunteers are visiting the surrounding village schools every Sunday and teaching basic science, maths and computer.

Harithon run – Green Run Rally

NSS volunteers actively participating the Harithon Run – Green Run rally for creating awareness about the environment in the Hyderabad city.

Yoga training programme for NSS volunteers

The NSS volunteers are taught various training programmes. Yoga, First aid and Painting are some of the training programmes organized in the last year.

NSS Activity to the Government Library, Moinabad, Ranga Reddy District

Moinabad branch of Ranga Reddy District Libraries, organized “45th National Library week” from 14.11.2012 to 20.11.2012. As a part of the programme, the library has organized events like; Book exhibition, Essay writing and Quiz competition for the rural school children surrounding Moinabad. The NSS volunteers of Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology extended their service to the library and helped to organize the programme.

The librarian and the people of Moinabad appreciated the volunteers T. Deepak Chowdary, N. Pavan Charan, Dileep Reddy and V. Sai Krishna Prasad of II year B. Tech Mechanical students for their invaluable service.

1st Special camp at Himayatnagar village, Moinabad Mandal 19.3.2010 to 25.3.2010

A 7 day summer special camp was conducted from 19th March 2010 at Himayat Nagar Village. During those 7 days, Many programmes were conducted, like “Free health camp, Free Eye Check up camp and painting the Govt. School building etc. The camp was very successful and students participated with lot of enthusiasm.

2nd Special Camp at Anthappaguda village, Shankarpalli Mandal: 6.3.2012 – 12. 3. 2012

7 day NSS Special Camp held at Anthappaguda, Shankarpalli Mandal, Ranga Reddy District. 35 boys and 15 girls participated in the camp..

Volunteers repaired the road and planted tree along the road side. During the camp, Mr. G Yella Reddy, Director of mathematics school and Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, DEE, of GHMC addressed the students into different sessions on the meets of rural populations and motivated the students to be seniors and honest in whatever little they do to the village. Dr. V. Sandeep Reddy of Sugar Care hospitals hyd. Visited the camp and conducted sugar test on about hundred villagers above 40 years of age. The students also took up cleaning work at the temple and school premises and whitewashed the temple structure.

A few students imparted computer classes for the 6th and 7th class village students. A quiz programme was also conducted for the students. Students organized a cultural program was conducted in the school premises. Some skits were demonstrated and enacted on various awareness programs like HIV, Drinking, Smoking, Mosquito menace. The press representatives of Eenadu, Sakhsi, Andhra Jyothi, Andhrabhomi, Namaste Telangana, Vartha, Surya and other papers visited the camp site and supervised and reported the activities on the day.

The boys participated in the village road cleaning and garbage lifting. The girls holding placards went door to door and campaigned on women issues. They also focused on literacy, adult education and the problem of dropout children.

The villagers expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the whole team the camp concluded on a satisfactory note. The principal declared the camp closed.

We acknowledged the cooperation of following villagers:

G. Kistaiah, A.Narasimulu Goud, Sirinivas Reddy, Madav Reddy, M. Beeraiah, Md. Saber, D.Naresh, D. Mallaiah, B. Anand, A. Paramesh Goud and K. Kumar K. Dasaratha

The helped the NSS Special Camp volunteers wholeheartedly.

3rd Special Camp at Chilkur Village, Moinabad Mandal: 24.1.2013 to 30.1.2013

VJIT NSS unit has organized the third Special camp at Chilkur Village, Moinabad Mandal from 24.1.2013 to 30.1.2013. 60 NSS volunteers participated in this program. Various programs like Clean and Green, Computer education, school building white washing, the special lecture by CI Sekhar Goud, Save energy rally and Health check up etc was conducted during the camp. Students stayed in the village and actively interacted with the villagers.

Action Plan 2013-14

  • Establishing VJIT Blood Bank;
  • Constructing Rain water harvesting pit in selected villages;
  • Motivating the surrounding school children towards environmental protection and Sustainability;
  • Organizing special camps.

Apart from this the regular activities such as tree plantation, blood donation camp, poster presentation, seminar, field visits, visits to hospitals and orphanages and National day celebrations will be organized.

About HITA

HITAIN’s believes in the words of “Service to Mankind is Service to God” but this should be done with pleasure and hence it brought us the thought of forming a Club named “HITA-Service with Pleasure” meaning….. Today all of us are busy in our world and very few have the thought and notion of helping others. We being just student’s whose hands are tied up with future goals and responsibilities towards our life and family, have still decided to spare our free time for the cause of society and share our love and gratitude to the destitute and the needy ones.

The idea of forming HITA was very much appreciated by our college friends and well-wishers. Though it took many days to understand from where we should start, we first took up Swachh Bharat events and which gave us the confidence to do more and to keep working for the Good cause.

HITA was officially inaugurated on 23rd March, 2015 with the following objectives

  • To facilitate a movement of volunteering.
  • To empower and enable individuals to become positive change agents in the society.
  • To enable stakeholders to effectively engage community to deliver services.
  • To create models to address developmental needs through the culture of volunteering.

Faculty Coordinators

M.S. Goutham Sreenivas, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical, VJIT.

N.S. Srinidhi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of IT, VJIT.

Initiatives of HITA

Rupee a Day

HITA wanted to make each and everyone participate in helping others and hence we thought of the idea of “Rupee a Day” where donation boxes will be kept in each class of VJIT and each student would be requested to donate one rupee per month and then at the end of the month we would gather the donated money which will be later used for buying groceries or clothes or any other useful things for the old age home or for an orphanage.

Each One Plant One

Trees are the lungs of the world, with the increasing population and demand for more, Trees are being cut down at an alarming rate. We HITAIN’s thought of making each one plant atleast one tree in their house or locality. Not just planting but taking its care for a period of one year where we will be celebrating its birthday every year (Idea from Council for Green Revolution). Spreading awareness on the need of plantation and how we can protect our mother nature will be undertaken under this initiative.

Adoption of Old Age Home or an Orphanage

With the amount collected by the “Rupee a Day” initiative we will donate it to a needy orphanage or an Old Age Home present in the city. We will be continuously monitoring the activities of the home and will update the same in our page too.

Blood Donation and Medical Camps in Villages

To shed the fear of Blood Donation, we HITA would like to raise awareness on the importance and need for blood donation. This would create an opportunity to make them donate blood and share their responsibilities in community services. By donating blood, Health and fitness of the donor improves their by converting them from non-donors to donors.

Help for the Specially Challenged People

People with mobility and movement impairments may find it difficult to participate when facing social and physical barriers. Quite often they are individuals of courage and independence who have a desire to contribute to the fullest level of their ability. Some are totally independent, while others may need part- or full-time assistance. For them HITA would render their full support and be first to help them in any possible way.

Awareness and Training Program on

  • Health and Hygiene Awareness
  • Child Labor
  • Women Empowerment
  • Environmental Education on Issues like Save Water, Electricity, Conserve Plants and Animals and Clay Ganesh Idol Making etc.
  • Computer Education to nearby Govt. Schools
  • Traffic Education.


About Avashah

It started when Sadhana, a 4th year ECE student of VJIT met one of her friends, who told about the social service that they were doing from their college which involved taking classes for the under-privileged students at a school near Mehdipatnam. Inspired from it, Sadhana and her friend Bharath came up with the idea of Avashah.

A lot of hard work and seven months later, Avashah is now a social service organization that has two wings, one takes personality development classes for school children in Zilla Parishad High Schools (ZPHS) and the other collects money from students of VJIT and donates it to orphanages, blind schools and old age homes depending on the need.

The Avashah team met the Mandal Education Officer (MEO) of Moinabad, who helped by giving them the list of schools in that mandal. After going through all the schools and the facilities they have, the Avashah team zeroed in on Venkatapur Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS) which is 15 km away from college. The main aim was to take Personality Development Classes at this school and do it every Saturday.

As the teaching staff wasn’t sufficient in the school, on the advice of Head Mistress, the team took classes in English, Maths, Physics and the other subjects rather than the personality development classes which they’d originally planned to take. Team Avashah had their first teaching session in December 2008 when they took classes from the 6th standard to the 10th in Telugu as the medium of instruction. From then, 5 to 6 volunteers go to school every week to take classes on a rotation basis.

After two months, with the teaching wing working successfully, Avashah decided to extend the services to funding. The team announced the idea of ‘A Rupee a Day’ which would involve collecting a minimum of Rs 30 every month from each student. They donate the money thus collected to orphanages, blind schools and old age homes depending on the requirements of these places.

Avashah was officially inaugurated on 23rd March, 2009. The handing over the college level duties by the outgoing batch to the enthusiastic members of 4th years for its smooth functioning is just the step that Avashah needed to take to reach the vision that they have set for themselves.

About VRN

It is a student driven organization, started on 24th April 2010, and is platform for the students from all undergraduate disciplines coming together out of a common interest of being better in terms of having practical knowledge and render social service and to improve their better interpersonal skills and cultural maneuver for the uplifting of student in the corporate world, with Social Conscious, Creative and artistic focus. The ideas which are generated in the club are purely for the Goodness of society and wellness of individual.

Departments at VRN

  • SHUDH (Recycling Project)
  • SHADE (Serving the needy)
  • POOKATSOFT (Open Source Software)
  • Robotics
  • Student Empowerment
  • Right to Information awareness


We deal with environmental issues like recycling, reduction of carbon foot-print,pollution, industrial waste with the volunteer support from WOW,IYCN,P3PA etc,. Apart from supporting the environmental related events by proving volunteer support we also have come up with events as initiatives on Recycling & Reclamation with the AIM of making India Greener & a Better place to live in.

Our flagship events

100K Green Hand Shakes – A recycling project for green Hyderabad

We Are Neurons (VRN) – SHUDH & Wealth Out of Waste (WOW) organized The Biggest Event on the Planet,”100K GREEN HAND SHAKES” target Propagating 1 LAC Households on ENVIRONMENT protection through SOURCE SEGREGATION, for creating an Awareness among people on Recycling DRY WASTE and motivating them to Adopt GREEN Practices such as recycling, with the help of 1017 Volunteers of UG & High school students.

We have ended up in reaching 51000 houses in the span of 3 months Jan – March and have started collecting 25000 Kgs of Dry Paper waste every month.

Sweep Andhra Pradesh – A recycling project for impacting green & sustainable education

We Are Neurons (VRN) – SHUDH & Awakened Citizens foundation jointly organizing first ever of its kind in schools with a target of reaching 1 Lakh schools & Colleges on ENVIRONMENT protection collecting old note books and giving them new note books after their academic years in the state of Andhra Pradesh. For creating an Awareness among people on Recycling DRY WASTE and motivating them to Adopt GREEN Practices such as recycling.

We have planned to do this event in 2 phases, first phase with 550 volunteers in CBSE, ICSE schools in March 2013 with the help of 550 Volunteers n Hyderabad city and later with the help of all the self-help groups of the state in the month of April 2013 throughout the state for SSC schools.


  • SHADE means protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight (we use umbrellas as SHADES). Similarly our SHADE protects the orphans by donating those funds to some of the orphanages around the city.
  • The source is our college student’s pocket money. Each of them donates money every day in the coin boxes located at each and every class. They donate just a rupee every day at concerned classes.
  • Anyone can donate a rupee so the VRN TEAM has forwarded this concept.
  • The SHADE team doesn’t bother the orphanages that are well equipped; they provide the funds to only those orphanages that are really in need.
  • The SHADE team will select one orphanage, which is really in need of funds.
  • ‘EVERY SINGLE DROP MAKES AN OCEAN SIMILARLY EVERY SINGLE PIECANSAVETHENEEDY’. We aim at the full-fledged usage of this project by utilizing the money by buying rice, cereals, pulses and vegetables directly from the farmers so that they get their profits; buy the books directly from the paper and book manufactures to give more from what we have.
  • Our donations in 2012 include 125 kilos of rice, 20 kilos of dal, 20 kilos of oil, 20 kilos of onions, 20 kilos of potatoes, 700 Note Books etc.


It is Promoting open source and free software which enables freedom to computer users. We worked with FSUG (FREE SOFTWARE USER GROUP) in all countries, FSF (FREE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION), COPY LEFT etc. in the part of it, we are planning to organize online international conference on open source and free software usage in the month December ‘13 with the expected delegates and participants from 16 countries.


We give training to students of rural background on robotics and make them acquainted with latest developments in Robotics.

Student Empowerment

We give soft skills and General aptitude coaching to students in order to improve the employability of the student for free of cost in order to increase the ability of student, we also give them coaching for Certifications like MCSE to improve the skills of the students. We have collaborated with some private agencies to provide with Internships and Job skills training.

Right To Information Awareness:

We give assistance to individuals for filing a petition using RTI with the help D. Rakesh Reddy and Retired Lf. Srinivasulu.

Our Core Team

  • Siddartha R Keshavadasu
  • Sandeep
  • Vishnu
  • Karthikeyan
  • Vinod